Mobile Apps Development with React Native

Mobile Apps Development with React Native

React Native is emerging as the most preferred platform  for Mobile App development. It is becoming the first choice of the majority of developers for creating the competitive and innovative applications that run perfectly on Android as well as an iOS platform.

Moreover, React native offers easy access to the plugins and libraries. The applications developed using the React Native enjoy the prominent features of the Native application without compromising the app performance, time or resources. This is why the react Native technology is becoming the future of mobile application development for Android as well as the iOS platform.

Massive advancements have been introduced in the app development industry in the last few decades. Now, people prefer to use applications that offer seamless navigation, flawless performance and also have aesthetic appearance. The hype in demand for faster, better and innovative applications has increased the urgency to the specific criteria of customers. Now, the mobile application developers are supposed to build revolutionary mobile apps to meet customers’ requirements and for this, React Native App development has emerged as the most viable solution to meet all the desired requirements of the users.

With React Native, developers can easily develop applications that are indistinguishable from the  mobile applications developed on Objective-C or Java platforms. React native app development supports the similar fundamental user-interface blocks as the other Android and iOS application. But, it is required to assemble the building blocks using JavaScript and React Native.

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Course Start Date 08/05/2020
Course End Date 11/30/2020
Estimated Duration 4 months
Time 6PM to 8PM
Levels Professional

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